You didn’t attend any university, so quit slamming Dr. UN – Blakk Rasta shoots Delay

Popular Ghanaian radio presenter and host of the Taxi Driver Show on Class FM, Blakk Rasta, has vehemently criticized Deloris Frimpong Manso, host of the Delay show, and her production crew over what the former claims to be an “attack” by the latter when Dr. UN appeared on her show.

Blakk Rasta, real name Abubakar Ahmed, claimed that he was unable to understand why Delay, who has never attended a university, would degrade Dr. UN to such an extent when, in reality, all of the statements made by her guest when he came on the show were true.

Blakk Rasta claimed that he had repeatedly stated on live radio that Dr. UN, real name Kwame Fordjour, was his classmate at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). As a result, he did not understand why Delay’s production team would call him [Rasta] on the phone in an effort to confirm what was already known to the general public.

Blakk Rasta’s rant is in response to the debate regarding which university Dr. UN attended, which gained attention when the latter appeared on the Delay show.

“Delay, listen… Your producer called, and when he asked me, I believe he was already prejudiced. I have known UN, and I’ve said it on radio before on several times. Go and pick up the tapes from Zylofon FM, I’ve said it time and again that this guy was my mate. SammyFlex interviewed him, and I said I knew him, he was my mate, so this is not the first time, I don’t need to deny anything.

“Your producer was not ready to listen. So if anything at all, you and your producer need to sit down and iron things up, and don’t come and put it on me for damage control. He didn’t do a good job, that’s it. Your producer failed to do a good job, now you want to put it on me. UN has always been my mate; and not me alone, Shatta Rako, Norkus and the rest, so please!” Blakk Rasta affirmed.

He characterized the exchange between Delay and Dr. UN as an “attack” rather than the planned interview.

“You see, the way Delay even interviewed this guy was an attack, not an interview, I couldn’t have sat on a show like that and be humiliated the way UN was sort to be humiliated, it was an attack. This is a guy who has been to the university, you have not been to the university. He’s telling you he’s been to Harvard, could we not investigate that, rather than attacking him and telling him everything he’s doing is fault? what is this nonsense!” He fired.


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