foot brifge borteyman

Tema West Assembly builds a footbridge over a brook at Borteyman.

The Tema West Municipal Assembly has started work on a footbridge in Borteyman.

This comes after a JoyNews article revealed that youngsters as young as five years old in the region used flying jumps to over the enormous storm drain.

Two years ago, the wooden bridge that connected the two areas fell. This forced the students to cross the creek on rocks to get to the opposite side of town for official schooling.

According to JoyNews’ Kojo Brace, at least three children have perished in the creek owing to the lack of a bridge.

In response to the report, the Tema West Municipal Assembly resolved to build a footbridge across the creek to prevent additional drownings.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Anna Adukwei Addo, told JoyNews that her organisation had initially intended to build a wooden bridge as a temporary remedy.

She did, however, mention that a concrete bridge is more sustainable and safe.

The municipal engineers recommended that we build a permanent solution, so we chose to build a concrete footbridge for the neighborhood.

“We have a 25-span footbridge with a three-meter access ramp; we chose not to use stairs since we need to accommodate those with disabilities.”

Hon. Addo further stated that the project will be completed before the start of the school year in September.

“We’ve done 12 days so far, and here is the progress.” However, it is not quite ready since the concrete is still curing.

Source : Joynews

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