london Bridge is down-inside Tema

“London Bridge Is Down


Today, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. Since October of last year, the 96-year-old monarch has been plagued by health issues that have made it difficult for her to walk and stand. Her closest family members travelled to her bedside on Thursday, after doctors placed her under medical supervision before she died.

Leaked documents earlier this month revealed the scope of a massive operation set to begin shortly after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Politico obtained information about “Operation London Bridge,” which revealed that officials would refer to the day the Queen died as “D Day.”

“London bridge is down,” would be the code for conveying the message that the Queen has died.

A massive security operation has been planned to deal with the unprecedented crowds and travel chaos expected in the days leading up to her funeral, according to news agency PTI.

One memo warned that London could be overcrowded as hundreds of thousands of people flock to the capital.

According to Politico, there would be a supposedly “spontaneous” service at St Paul’s Cathedral, and the new King Charles would tour the four nations of the United Kingdom in the days following her death.

The Buckingham Palace officials had declined to comment, either on the leak or the plans.

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