GTP relaunched new designs

GTP relaunched with a new captivating slogan, charming designs-Tema

GTP Ghana Limited, Ghana’s long-serving apparel business, has revamped with a gripping motto and intriguing designs.

The fashion conglomerate’s tagline has been modified from “timeless” to “Life. styled” as part of the rebranding.

On Monday, August 8, the fantastic rebranding event will take place at GTP’s production facilities in Tema.

The ceremony was complemented by a fashion display featuring some of the greatest Ghanaian fashion models fashioned by some of the country’s leading designers — all with the goal of publicising GTP’s new design and rebranding.

It also prioritises bringing new goods to market, providing value, and growing its production base.

Miss Fatoumata Doro, the Managing Director (MD) of Vlisco Ghana-GTP Fashion Limited, stated at the program’s conclusion that the country, the whole African continent, and the rest of the globe will soon recognise GTP as the top fashion brand.

Miss Doro acknowledged everyone’s efforts in promoting GTP and urged everyone could come on board once again to help make their new dream a reality.

“I hope you enjoyed every bit of the program, particularly the new designs we showcased. From now and for many years to come, we look forward to becoming the best African fashion brand and we will need you all on board to ensure that we achieve our dreams,” she said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, the Managing Director explained in detail the purpose of the relaunch. She said, “Today, what we did was to relaunch the brand, but beyond that, there is a whole transformation of the new TSA, which is a blissful Ghana.

She continues, “We want to sustain our growth and become innovative and always come up with new designs to redefine our business. We are also going to provide support for about 5,000 Ghanaian tailors in about 5 to 6 years to come.”

Throwing more light on the need for the company’s rebranding, ace Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, the brand ambassador for GTP noted that “As you know, for the past years, I have been promoting and making sure that the brand GTP is selling worldwide, so we will keep on with the promotion and as we have moved from timeless to “Life. Styled”, we hope that our brand becomes a global one.”

The relaunched was graced by several fashion-loving individuals, including Akumaa Mama Azimbi of multimedia, fashion designer members from the general public and the media.

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