Apple unveils the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, with no price increases.

Apple has just concluded its big fall iPhone event, during which it announced new iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches. This is what it said:

The new iPhones will be available for purchase on Friday, and Apple did not raise the prices as some analysts predicted. The new Apple Watches will be available for purchase on Wednesday, and the new AirPods Pro will be available on September 23.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced the iPhone 14 pro, the high-end models for this year.

The smaller model with a 6.1-inch screen is called the iPhone 14 Pro. The bigger model will be called the iPhone 14 Max.

The iPhone 14 Pro will start at $999, and the bigger model starts at $1099. That’s the same price as last year’s models. They go up for preorder on Friday and will ship next week.

These devices have a new front design with a smaller cutout for the front-facing camera which expands the device’s screen. Apple calls the cutout a “dynamic island” and it can essentially display notifications or other system information, such as baseball scores.


The iPhone 14 Pro has a lot of new features:

  • An always-on display which doesn’t turn off when it’s not in use.
  • Apple also introduced a new low-power mode to make the battery life last longer.
  • It uses Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip, which Apple says was built on a 4-nanometer process.
  • A 48-megapixel camera thanks to a bigger sensor.
  • Better low-light photography.
  • Redesigned flash.

It comes in four colors, space black, silver, gold, and deep purple.

During its event on Wednesday, Apple announced a long-rumored capability to connect its iPhone 14 series to satellites for emergency services via a partnership with GlobalStar.

The feature is intended to connect an iPhone 14′s antennas directly to a satellite in order to send a message in areas where cell towers are unavailable.

Ashley Williams, Apple’s manager of satellite modelling and simulation, said a phone algorithm compresses text messages so that they “take less than 15 seconds to send” to a satellite before being relayed to a ground station and then to an emergency service provider.

Satellite service connectivity of the iPhone 14

The emergency satellite service launches in November 2022, and is included free for two years with an iPhone 14.

Globalstar confirmed in a filing that it is supporting the iPhone 14 emergency satellite service, and will “allocate 85% of its current and future network capacity” to support the feature.

Satellite communications — which has several existing networks that support specialized, purpose-built phones — is undergoing a new era of investment. Companies including SpaceX and AST Space mobile  have previously announced partnerships with mobile service providers, with a similar goal of providing similar satellite services directly to traditional consumer smartphones.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced the iPhone 14. So far, Apple has announced two new models— a iPhone 14 Plus and an iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 Plus replaces the older “iPhone 13 mini” model with a bigger model with a 6.7-inch screen.


Price of the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 will cost $799, while the Plus will cost $899. Preorders begin on September 9, and the smaller version will be available on September 16. However, the Plus model will not be available until October.

Apple announced that all iPhone 14 models sold in the United States will no longer use physical SIM cards, instead opting for a digital eSIM that can support multiple phone numbers and is more secure.

Features of the iPhone 14 include:

  • True -tone OLED display
  • Five colors including a new light blue
  • Improved battery life
  • Ceramic screens that are more durable
  • Better low-light performance on the front-facing camera
  • Action Mode that stabilizes video
  • Safety service called Emergency SOS via Satellite that can connect to emergency services even if the user is outside of cellular or wi-fi range. It’s free for iPhone 14 users in the U.S. and Canada and launches in Canada.


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