A typical dished out waakye is accompanied by stew, shito, some spaghetti also known as taalia, boiled eggs, stewed meat or stewed/fried fish, moist gari, stewed wele (cooked-down cow hide) and vegetable salad which may include cabbage, onions and tomatoes. It may also be eaten with fried plantain and pear. It is best served in […]

Valentine’s Day can be stressful for all parties involved. Regardless of how long you have been together, from young love to a well-burning flame, picking the perfect date for February 14th is not easy. The Valentine’s day gift guide below will help you plan a date and pick a gift based on the stage of […]

I spent most of my career stressed and frustrated, thinking ahead to the day when I could quit my job and feel “free.” Well, when I quit my job, it didn’t work that way. I wanted to write a book. In my head, it sounded easy, almost a bit indulgent. It turned out to be the hardest […]

  Hi, Not many people know it, but the founder of KFC was a late achiever in life. While I’m sure you’ve heard of Colonel Sanders, did you know that he only became a professional chef when he was 40, that he franchised KFC when he was 62, and only sold his company when he […]

When in love you can’t think anything else except to marry the man you love. Love makes us blind and we tend to make some terrible choices that we’ll regret later. It would be a great folly to marry a guy who’s the complete opposite of your imaginary Mr Right and the qualities he possesses. […]

We are so dependent on our smartphones that we often joke about being addicted. However, what many people still fail to realise is that smartphone addiction is actually a very real problem affecting thousands across the globe. One in ten smartphone users now admit to using their phones in the shower and during sex. The same figures […]