Urban Gospel: Scott Evans Releases “God Creates, Man Makes” EP

Stepping into a less-familiar; almost a strange terrain, one does not only need caution and a strong will but unparalleled courage, confidence and a tenacity to hold onto the sail no matter the boisterous nature of the tides that may arise. Few have had the courage to chatter this path and fewer have actually stayed on this path for a significant portion of time.

In a conservative society like Ghana, lot of things must be done in a certain defined way. Anything outside the popularly accepted norm is mostly perceived as an abnormality with all sorts of grapevine conversations hoovering around it. Music is no exception. Ghanaians want their music sung and performed in a certain way, likewise our church services, marriage ceremonies and even prayer.  Anything outside the culturally-accepted norm is foreign.

Urban gospel is one of such genres of music that does not fall into the “usual” of Ghanaian music culture  hence anybody who decides to toe that line of music need the courage of Spartacus to stay in lane. One of such brave hearts is Scott Evans, young prolific song writer and singer who made his debut single titled “Holding on” in 2016.

Fast forward in 2018, he lunched his maiden album of 17 tracks produced by Ghanaian born US based producer, Nektunez. Scott never rested on his oars after his album launch as he continues to push his music career releasing single tracks from time to time.

He believes everyone has a part to play in the vineyard of the Lord. Some are called as apostles, others as pastors but he is called to spread the word through music and urban music for that matter.

insidetema.com caught up with Scott Evans to speak to him about his Extended Play (EP) tracks that releases today, Tuesday, June 29 and he had this to say:

“This very EP, titled God Creates, Man Makes is a compilation of 5 tracks that ministers the supremacy of God and the position of man in the affairs of God. God is the source of creation but value addition to things is man’s responsibility. God has deposited into man, the ability to advance his creation, man must therefore come to this knowledge and possibility and move from the point of lack to a place of making and abundance. Man needs to start conceiving and executing, and this reflects in the second song on the EP, Vision. Without vision, man is bound for doom. It is time as people and people of God for that matter to start actualizing our visions. I would admonish everyone out there to listen and allow these tracks to minister to them.”

God creates, Man makes is available on audiomack and will soon hit other music streaming platforms. Enjoy!



Source: Bernard Brown/insidetema.com

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