Uganda’s 75-year old President Museveni seeks sixth term


Ugandan’s President Yoweri Museveni has been confirmed as the presidential candidate for the ruling party for the general elections next year.

The party on Thursday made an official announcement as President Museveni seeks to extend his rule to four decades.

With Uganda’s political system not favourable to opposition candidates, it appears President Museveni is all but assured of a sixth term in office.

In May this year President Yoweri Museveni said in an interview broadcast on local NBS Television that “To have elections when the virus is still there… It will be madness.”

President Museveni said at the time that if the coronavirus crisis isn’t brought under control by July this year, it would be important election program for Uganda is reviewed.

“It will be dangerous” he said signalling elections would only be safe to hold if the crisis is contained between June and July this year.

But there isn’t any signal the elections won’t take place next year with the President now declaring his candidacy.

Museveni seized power in 1986 after taking part in rebellions to end the brutal rule of Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

He has now become one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders and doesn’t seem ready to let go power just yet.


Source: AfricaFeeds

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