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YEAR OF RETURN: 11 places/events you must visit in Tema this December

Are you planning to end this Year of Return with a bag full of real memories and yet stay within your limited budget? Well I got you sorted out then.

You should be finding your way to the center of the world, TEMA this December if you are not here already. It is the rendezvous for everything you can imagine including entertainment, culture and visits to historical tourist sites. In Tema Christmas always comes early and every year ends in grand style. Welcome to the citadel of entertainment and possibilities. Enjoy these events and places.


December kicks-start in Tema with the city’s original and largest street art festival. The Black Art Street Festival also known as Tema Art Festival is the first and largest art festival in the industrial port city.

Initiated in 2014, the festival serves as a converging station for hundreds of individuals and groups in the creative art space, emerging businesses and entrepreneurs as well as thousands of patrons from all walks of life. It is the number one street shopping and lifestyle experience you can have in Tema.

An art performer at the festival

The festival is known for its live arts, art activation, bonfire night, music carnival, street art processions, street rap sessions and fashion shows among others. Paint Friday December 6 through to Sunday December 8, on your calendar black and gold as the city comes alive at the Tema Community 4 Basketball Court and Streets. The festival has become a rendezvous for friends and businesses and more.

It is the African Royalty edition and it is time to get lit once again!

     2. MIMLIFE WALK 2019

Probably the biggest walk to kick-start December. In its 6th year running the walk draws thousands of people from Tema to parade the city of Tema amidst music and dancing. The converging point is Community on Friday 6th December at 5AM. You don’t want to miss this Year of Return walk.


Popularly known as the Chinese Court, the Tema Community 4 Basketball Court has over the years served as the citadel for sports entertainment in the heart of the city. Never for a moment feel bored this December. Make a date and visit the Basketball Court every weekday in the evening as well as Saturday mornings to catch some dropping dimes, wiggles and watch in awe as those fine muscles convey the ball in style and confidence to the rack.

Basketball Court at night. Image: Studio Extra


The city is one of the few places in the world that is believed to have the Greenwich Meridian Line passing through it. The imaginary line is believed to have divided the globe into two equal halves. The Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Tema Community 1 was named after the imaginary line. This means that anytime you visit that area, you are actually standing on the Greenwich Meridian line. That’s an experience over 6 billion people would never have. What are you waiting for? Share a picture if you do visit there.

I guess you have also been wondering why the city is said to be the center of the world.

Tema is located on longitude Oº or the Greenwich Meridian and on latitude 5º north of the Equator. It is therefore the closest land settlement nearest or closest to the centre of the world where the Equator and Greenwich Meridian meet at coordinate (O, O). This makes the city the center of the world.

Now that’s some nice experience to have this December. Visit Tema and shout from the centre of the world and let it echo across the globe.



The original indigenes of Tema (true name is Tor-man meaning land of gourds) are the Ga speaking people. Their ancestors who were fisher folks and smallholder farmers were believed to have first settled in and around the site for the famous Meridian Hotel until about 1960 when Ghana’s former president, Kwame Nkrumah initiated actions to build the Tema Harbour. The indigenes were asked to relocate to pave way for the construction of the harbour to commence. Some moved to the now Tema New Town whiles others moved to Sakumono among others.

But guess what! They left a huge piece of history. Just behind the now dilapidated Meridian Hotel is a huge oak tree. The tree is considered as a deity and no one dares fell it. It has been there for decades and will probably be there for more decades to come. Every year during the Kplejoo Festival of the people of Tema New Town, the tree would be shrouded in a white cloak and pouring of libation among other rituals are done to evoke the spirits of the ancestors and ask for better days ahead.

Now that is a historical cultural site you should visit this December.

Maybe you should use that opportunity to see Kwame Nkrumah’s famous Meridian Hotel both located in the same area.


     6. BENZ PARTY 2019 – DECEMBER 21

It is only in Tema that we put cars on the street to party all day long. Wait! We are not talking about any ordinary cars. LOL! We ‘re talking Mercedes Benz cars. The street between the TDC through to the Traffic light will be blocked and locked and in-between the “block and lock” will be show of bravado, class and fun. Block your calendar on December 21 for this.


Another creative art event to book on your calendar is Quallofest. The event brings together creative people  to exhibit their talents in atmosphere laced with art, music, food and more. You can’t afford to miss this! From Friday December 20 through to Sunday December 22, all roads lead to Community Center, Community 1.



In Tema, we usher in the Christmas with another huge walk on 24th December. Started several years ago, the annual event has become one of the topmost events people look forward to with indescribable sensations. Starting point and time is Community 7 Paddock Pharmacy at 4AM prompt.



Your Christmas just got better as the biggest masquerade street dance party hits Tema again this December. The event spearheaded by Bright Angels Masquerade Group is bringing together several masquerade groups and other people who love the art of masquerading for an explosive evening of music, dance and unadulterated fun at the VERA street, Community 4. The drive behind this initiative is not just about fun and socialization. It is also to create the platform for people to embrace our culture through art. The event will kick-start at 5PM and travel into the night with trumpets, cymbals and drums dictating the rhythm of body movements . Just get yourself a masquerade uniform and mask and you are good to go. See you there!

Masqueraders in their element


Well, the city has arguably the biggest street praise in Ghana every December. You can disagree in your head LOL.  Tema Street Praise is the largest gathering of lovers of gospel music across Ghana. The event literally brings your favorite gospel artists to your hood. Tema Community Two is the host community. The date is Thursday, December 26.


Finally, wind up your days by grooving up with some night life at some of the most popular joints in the city. Here are few I have put together for you:

  • Monte Carlo Pub located at Tema Community 10
  • Passions Night Club located at Community 6
  • Tyron Night Club located at Community 9
  • Krom Pub located at Community 9
  • Georges Pub located at Community 2
  • Snitches’ Place at Community 7
  • Biggies located at Community 7
  • Vienna City at Community 8
  • Star Bite, Community 8
  • iLounge Community 12

There you have them. These are just few of the numerous events and places you can add to your calendar as we drive the Year of Return 2019 to an end in the industrial port city. Enjoy the Tema.


Source: insidetema.com/Bernard Brown Snr


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