Sunset at Dawn

Senator Chief Joseph Oluwale has fought against all odds to be a candidate, won a cabinet seat for his political party and earned a reputation as one of the foremost politicians in the nation. He has both admirers and enemies alike. But when his only daughter Angela Oluwale falls in love with Uzoma Johnson, a man from a tribe he detests with all his breath, Chief stands against the relationship and would not change his stand, not even when death threatens his life. Meanwhile, Uzoma Johnson does not relent and realizes that only God’s intervention can give him Chief’s approval or else he will lose the woman of his dreams.

Sunset at Dawn comes at a critical time when tribalism has been a hot topic in Ghana and xenophobia has raised its horn and political affiliations are regarded more than humanity.

Rudolf Amo-Asare, a playwright and director widely known in Tema and its environs for his didactic, Christian-themed and hilarious original plays such as  Battlefield, Heart for Sale, Not So Good Friday and Martyr: The Untold Story is poised to bring to audience another masterpiece in this epic story.

With the Zoe Creative Arts Ministry, Rudolf unfolds this satirical comedy – that will thrill you. Sunset at Dawn shows on this Sunday, 29th September, 2019 at 6:30pm at the ICGC Zoe Temple, Tema – Community 5



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