Praye stole Yaw Berma’s Song?

Sometimes, probably most times I believe without repentance that the key architects in the music industry are their own enemies and the cause for the slow pace at which the industry is growing. They backbite themselves and turn around and pretend to be saints. Watch the video below.

Our elders always proof themselves right with their wise sayings. They say the one that will hurt you is more within than without.

It is believed that Yaw Berma, a Tema based artiste recorded and released this particular song and after 4 solid months, the trio-group PRAYE has also recorded and released same song. According to Yaw, he recorded the song in August 2018. The interesting thing is that, both Yaw Berma and ChoirMaster GH are said to belong to the same Whatsapp Group where Yaw Berma dropped his song and live video 4 months ago. Another interesting angle is PRAYE went to record their alleged “stolen “ song at the same studio that Yaw Berma recorded his. We are talking about POSSIGEE Studio in Community 1 Tema.
Is this a clear case of theft of intellectual property or DISHONESTY or total forgetfulness on the part of PossiGee who recorded both artistes who could have easily alerted PRAYE that Yaw Berma had already recorded same song? Well, we are waiting to see how this pans out.
Interestingly both musicians did live video of same song in the same studio as well.

Watch the videos and judge for yourself.


Source: Bernard Brown/insidetema.com

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