EXPLORE TEMA: 7 Waakye Joints in Tema You Must Visit

A typical dished out waakye is accompanied by stew, shito, some spaghetti also known as taalia, boiled eggs, stewed meat or stewed/fried fish, moist gari, stewed wele (cooked-down cow hide) and vegetable salad which may include cabbage, onions and tomatoes. It may also be eaten with fried plantain and pear. It is best served in leaves popularly known as waakye leaves or ahaban. The meal is made from cooked rice and beans boiled with dried red sorghum or millet leaves and an effervescent additive known as “kanwa” or salt petre.

Waakye is believed to have originated from Northern parts of Ghana. No wonder the best waakye joints are the ones managed by people from the Northern extracts.

In my quest to explore Tema, I have identified 7 of the numerous joints for this irresistible meal within the first 12 Communities in the industrial-port city and wants to share with you.

Forzia Waakye – Community 11

My first stop is Community 11. That should give you an idea already. Forzia Waakye popularly known as Community 11 waakye is one of the best when it comes to the meal in Tema. The joint is located around the Tema Methodist Day Secondary School (old MEDASS). Forzia waakye first started operations around 2003 or 2004. Well, I had my first taste of it in 2004 and has never looked back. It is good quality honey that draws and keeps ants to itself, I am therefore not surprised with the long queues that herald in the waakye every morning. The joint operates from morning 6AM to about 11AM from Monday through to Sunday.

Waakye dished in “ahaban” or the waakye leaves add some indescribable taste and aroma to it

Seida Waakye – Community 4

Sounds familiar huh? It is located around the VALCO Club House (VERA). This joint is one of the topmost pioneers of waakye in the city. Probably it qualifies to be the Mugabe of waakyes in recent times. I fell in love with Seida way back in my days at Chemu Senior High School because she had and still has branch in the school’s canteen.

Wee Waakye – Site 2 Community 1

Wee Waakye! Yes you read right. Wee Waakye! LOL! Well the location is as good as the name. Community 1 Site 2. Site 2 is known to be the hub for the “hardliners” in Tema. If you have a problem with anybody in Tema who resides in Site 2, you better apologize else you will live the rest of your life in the city looking over your shoulders for a revenge – cold or hot.

Back to Wee Waakye. I was told as soon as you eat it, the next moment you would find yourself dozing off. It is as if you have taken in some form of sleeping tablet. You would end up going “high” in a subtle way. LOL! There you have it. It is not every waakye that is for the feeble at heart.

Well I was told Wee Waakye is just a term used to describe the joint not necessarily because it has been laced with ”weed” of a sort. I have no evidence or whatsoever to say indeed there is weed in it. So relax, don’t let your imagination go too wild. It is just a name!

U-Road Waakye – Community 4

Just in the same hood with Seida Waakye is the U-Road Waakye. This waakye has a special taste that I cannot readily describe. It is simply awesome.  Even though the location is coded, real waakye lovers always find their way there.

The dried red sorghum or millet leaves add the redish-brown colour to the waakye

Fati Waakye – Community 4

Another joint that is gaining prominence for waakye lovers in Tema is Fati Waakye opposite the Assemblies of God Church in Community 4. I hear it is finger-licking good. I will soon try it.

Boss Waakye – Communities 1 and 10

Heard of Boss Waakye? Well it is the new “crave” in town. There are two known branches currently. One is located at Community 10 near Monte Carlo pub and the other one at Community 1.

Most waakye lovers say eating it with the hand make you feel the authenticity of it

NAF –NAF Waakye – Community 8

NAF-NAF is located just after Seven Kisses (formerly Otoyos) on your way from Community 7. Just keep your eye to the left- you will spot it right at the end of the Community 8 No.3 Basic School wall.


Well, there are countless number of good waakye joints in Tema but these are the ones that readily come to mind. Explore more!



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  • Edward February 23, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    I can’t believe you left out our dear waakye boutique at Tema Community 2 that alone nullifies the credibility of the research please come again


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