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Some NYA trainees have stolen 25 laptops belonging to the Authority.

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA) Emmanuel Asigri has revealed that some trainees have stolen 25 laptops belonging to the Authority.

The laptops were procured by the government through the National Youth Authority (NYA) to train the youth in digital marketing and entrepreneurship programme.

However, some of the trainees have failed to return the laptops after their training.

Mr Asigri was speaking at the graduation ceremony of 355 participants, who had undergone a three months’ intensive training on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

“The report I have is that about 25 laptops from Ashanti Region cannot be accounted for,” he said.

He added that all participants who do not return the laptop voluntarily by May 21 will be declared as thieves, and will be pursued, arrested and dealt with according to the law.

“Those of you who, I’m told, you signed bonds to take these laptops and you have not returned them, we will pursue you. If you are here or not, we know them, you know yourselves. I have declared to my Director that we must get the police, and I’m going to speak to the Regional Police Commander of the police service to get his men, the CID men to go after anybody who is keeping our laptop because we have declared that you are a thief and we’ll treat you as a such,” he warned.

He cautioned that he will not accept any plea after the culprits are arrested if the laptops are not voluntarily returned.

He lamented that the stolen laptops will reduce the number of trainees that will be admitted in the next batch under the digital marketing and entrepreneurship programme in the Ashanti Region.

This is not the first incident under the module, Mr Asigri admitted that a similar incident happened in the Upper East Region where some participants stole and sold seven laptops. “They were pursued and arrested later,” he stated.

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