TEMA: Residents Angry Over Sale of Training Center to Foreign Investors.

Residents of Tema Community 4 and 7 are up in arms with the authorities of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly over an alleged sale of the Golden Youth Training Center located between the two communities.
The center built in 2004 was meant to serve as a multi-vocational and skills training center for the youth of Tema and its environs, was allegedly being sold to some foreign investors.
The protest which was held last Saturday saw scores of residents gathered at the center to demonstrate their displeasure against the purported sale after they claimed they spotted contractors fencing the facility.
Our visit to the Center Thursday afternoon confirmed work progressing steadily as construction workers on site were busily putting up a fence wall to replace the existing mesh one.
The center also hosts a school for children with autism.  It also has a field that serves the youth of the communities where they usually meet on weekends to engage in various recreational activities such as football among others.
Some of the angry residents we spoke to said they will resist any attempt by the city authorities to sell the place to foreigners.
The building however is in a bad condition as there are structural defects with parts of the ceiling torn off. It also leaks anytime it rains.
The TMA however denied the purported sale.
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