UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards 2018 Launches On April 20

Youth Web Group, organizers of the annual Ghana’s most prestigious tertiary student’s awards will officially launch the UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards (GTA) 2018.
The awards scheme, which is in its fifth year (5years) will be launch on the theme: “ DEVELOP THE POSSIBILITIES AND DO GREAT THINGS FOR GHANA) ” at the SUNCITY HOTELS APARTMENT in Accra around Osu – Kingdom Bookshop Building on Friday, 20th April, 2018 at 6PM.
In a short interview with the Founder and CEO of Youth Web Ghana (UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards) Mr. Richmond Amofa – Sarpong, He said “Ghana has currently has a student population of over 315,000 in the country’s tertiary education system.There are 10,383 foreign students in Ghana. Most people in the tertiary schools are between the ages of 19 to 24 years old.Young people enroll in universities to achieve academic excellence whiles in school University education in Ghana can be completed in a maximum of 4 years and a minimum of 2years.
There are over 146 universities both public and private in Ghana. These universities are spread across the major urban regions in Ghana.Tertiary students are made up of both local and international students. Therefore they are exposed to all cultures. International students make up 3.2 percent of the total tertiary population in Ghana. Most young people feel a sense of liberation when they enter university. They finally have the freedom to create their own path and make their own decisions on their own. They are greatly influenced by peers, trends and social media.”
He again added that “for the sake of Ghana’s future and Africa in mind have decided to be very consistent in the business of Awarding outstanding students whose lives are changing our society positively. The goals of the UMB GHANA TERTIARY AWARDS 2018 is “to Award students whose lives have changed their society, through their contribution in the area of their work even though they are students.
• To understand why the students lose their way and self-awareness needed to avoid derailment
• To equip the students with leadership principles, values and ethical boundaries that will enable them handle pressures when severely challenged.
• To find strategies to eliminate extreme poverty, up-hold human right, safeguard a sustainable community and human dignity for poor and vulnerable population.
• To use this Awards platform to talk to them to take leadership positions right from school or community or parliament or hold international roles to boost the current quota.
•To use this year’s Awards Festival to educate the students on “the myth of hepatitis B” And to debunk the myths around it.
• To explore the understanding of Entrepreneurship and Identify factors and resources which are useful in the undertaking initiatives and entrepreneurial activities by students
•To understand what is motivating them, both extrinsically and intrinsically and to find leadership paths that will enable them to utilize their motivated capabilities”
Mr. Richmond Amofa Sarpong concluded by saying that “By the end of the Awards, we would have created a strong generational breed of informed and Competent tertiary students ready to take action for their rightful placement, as well as encouraged them to engage in the activities of comprehensive, direct and context-specific, Strategies to empower the youth and leave a legacy. It is expected that the students would have;  Been equipped with skills that empower them in their career development paths.
Identified their self-worth and ability to say “NO”. Been challenged to transform lives and inspire change wherever they find themselves. Acquire extensive information regarding Hepatitis B. Been inspired and empowered to be entrepreneurs to raise their income level which would affect the Economic development and bring Social change”.
The Leadership of the Biggest Students Awards Scheme in Ghana will also announce during the launch the date of the Awards night and also unveil the Trophy as well as categories. The UMB GHANA TERTIARY AWARDS 2018 is sponsored by Universal Merchant Bank, Indomie Ghana, Malta Guinness, McVities Ghana, Fiesta Condom, Lydia Contraceptive, Boom Entertainment, Kalm Center, Suncity Hotel Apartment, GH Media School, AiT, MTECH and OJ Designs.

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