Unsealed Letter to the Mayor of Tema

Dear Sir,
I hope this letter gets to you and if it does, I sincerely hope it meets you in the best of spirit.
I want to tell you a story.
Growing up as children in Tema was one of fun and pride for my friends and I.
It was a city where we could play around with little or no fear at all. Our streets and communities were well lit. We were less worried of falling into open drainage. We were not worried about gushing and smelly manholes.
We had play grounds devoid of kiosks and containers that we could run to anytime we wanted to play. Potholes were rare sights on our community roads.
The communities were properly laid out. My friends who happened to attend boarding schools were the toast of their schools just because they came from Tema. They had a certain swag.
We had the VALCO Club House. We had TOR Club House and all those social places.

Today, the story is sadly different.
Mayor, YOUR CITY, OUR CITY, TEMA has become an eyesore during the day; engulfed in filth; “borla” along our streets.
Strayed animals are gradually becoming the norm. Kiosks and containers are springing up at every available space.
Unapproved and unplanned settlements are fast rising and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being done by your development partner-TDC about it.
Soon it will hit us at the face when they become well established slums and then we will go about doing “cosmetic demolition”.
Mayor, Hardly would you pass by a bush that you would not see nor smell human excreta. Every available bush regardless of the location is a comfortable place of convenience for nature’s call. Why don’t we consider a well-built public place of convenience for every community?
Community playgrounds and emergency assembly points are being taken over by people who have contact with power and influence to put up their businesses.
Let me give you just TWO EXAMPLES:
1. The playground located behind the Community 11 Police Station.
2. The emergency assembly point in front of the Community 7 Police Bungalow. Interesting locations, aren’t they? Good!
Meanwhile we looked on “unconcerned” for a fuel refilling station to be cited right behind the WOMEN’S HOSPITAL at Community 11.
MAYOR, have you taken notice of the White Elephants on our streets and communities called STREET LIGHTS?
Isn’t it sad and laughable that, lights that were meant for the night are only visible during the day? Why did we even place them on the streets if we are not willing to ensure they are functioning?
It is heartbreaking ! Is this the city that is driving the Industrialization agenda of the nation? A city with the largest seaport in this country? A Metropolis that is among the top three revenue generators in Ghana?
Of course it will be unfair to lay all these challenges on your doorstep as some of these problems existed before your assumption of office but don’t you think that is why your party was voted for?
Do you not agree with me that over one year of being the Chief Executive of this Metropolis is a long time enough to at least LIGHT UP our streets? Please FIX THE LIGHTS! And FIX IT NOW!
Probably a #LightUpTEMA demo will help.
I was glad when I heard about your RESTORATION AGENDA and I remember the ‘health walk’ that was organized last year to that effect. You re-echoed it when we met at your office in November. An agenda to “restore” the city to its former glory. That is laudable. How far with that AGENDA?
MAYOR, some of us are willing to help you succeed however we can only do little unless you take the BOLD decision to really restore Tema.
Please ACT NOW!
and WORRIED Resident,
Bernard Brown

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