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MOESHAGATE: Our Love For Dishonesty

In this few years I have graced the surface of this earth with my relatively young adult life, I have witnessed several genuine hardworking, industrious and whose integrity I can vouch for any day, anytime. I know women who leave at dawn and return at dusk just so they could make ends meet genuinely. My very own biological sister whom I initially thought was my biological mother is one such examples. Sister Aggie went into different enterprises such as selling fried yam to selling rice and stew to make sure I had a good education. I saw her toil and can defend her at any given time that her morality was not sacrificed. There are top professional women who got there by dint of their hardwork. I know women and young ladies who had to give up their jobs because their employers want sexual favours from them. There are others who are denied jobs because they refuse to bow down to sexual pleasures and pressures from their potential employers. I salute all of them.
There are also women I know and others I have heard of who catapult themselves into fame and “success” using “easier and cheaper” ways such as “sleeping” their way through. There are ladies or women who are into drugs, prostitution and other illegal transactions just to be successful. This I think is wrong and must not be encouraged in any way.
The Ghanaian social media space went haywire at the break of Thursday over a CNN interview granted by a certain Moesha Buduong who claimed she makes a living by sleeping with men (and married men). She cited issues such as “hard” economy, outrageous rent advance and the difficulties Ghanaian women face when looking for gainful employment. At a point she seemed to generalize the issue to cover “all” Ghanaian women. She was very HONEST about what she does. Ghana’s social media went erratic with lots of bashing for the lady. Most people felt it is a huge disrespect towards Ghanaian women who are genuinely working hard. They feel it is wrong for her to “generalize” her issue to cover every woman. I agree with people who hold this view. Generalizing it is wrong.
Now this is the twist and my drift; did she speak truth about her own life style? Does what she said reflects her reality? Does she sleep with men for money? YES! She said she does. Are we going to be this outrageous if she had come out to tell lies to cover up her “survival tactics”? I am sure we would have hailed her and hold her in high esteem. Moesha has friends. Friends who are probably in the same trade as her. And who knows she might be referring to these friends as “Ghanaian Women”. Truth is Moesha is not in this alone. There are countless women out there who are even doing worse than her. The only difference between Moesha and you and me is that she spoke the TRUTH about her life. She was simply honest but as sensational as we are, we decided to play the ostrich by burying our heads in the sand and leaving our butts out there. We devoured her and ignored other essential issues she raised such as 2 Years Rent Advance and the difficulty women facing when looking for job.

Ms. Moesha Buduong
We are claiming her utterance would make her a bad role model to young ladies. Really? What didn’t our firebrand politicians say about our Women Politicians and Government Appointees? Were we not in this country when Kennedy Agyepong was allegedly said to have accused the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei that she was appointed because she slept with the then President Mahama? What didn’t Politicians say about Vic Hammah in this country? Were we not told she was appointed because Pres. Mahama slept with her? Was it not few weeks ago when the General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah alleged that a Deputy Governor of BOG was appointed because she was the fiancée of Pres. Nana Addo? Why did we not condemn these damning allegations with the same energy as we are exhibiting in this “Moeshagate”?
If it is bad for someone to be honest about her promiscuous life, it is WORSE for key hardworking women such as the ones I have mentioned to be labelled as paving their way to success with sexual favours.
I condemn Moesha for the so-called “generalization” but I honestly admire her honesty. She said she “prostitutes” her way to success and in all her interviews she offered, she never denied that. If we all can be a little honest in our dealings, we will be better off.
Those bashing her are entitled to their opinions but the fact stands that what she said is happening in our society. Can we look at it differently and see how we can minimize it or help to address it? Let’s attack the issue not the personality.
Opinions they say is like nose, everyone has it in different shape and size. This is mine.
Bernard Brown/

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