Police Depot Schools Accused Of Charging Unapproved Fees

Some members of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) of basic schools at the Police Training School in Accra have asked for the immediate stoppage of collection of unapproved fees being charged by teachers amounting to more than GH¢10, 000 every academic term.
They also asked for the dismissal, sanction and transfer of teachers who continue to extort money from them illegally.
About 2,000 pupils are charged at least GH¢5.00 everyday in spite of concerns raised by PTAs about the illegal fees which is not sanctioned by the Ghana Education Service (GES).
They said the teachers have taken undue advantage of the lack of proper supervision by the Ghana Education (GES) and are making several thousands of cedis from poor parents.
Some parents who pleaded anonymity said the school takes so much from them and explained that several complaints to the GES on the activities of the teachers have fallen on deaf ears.
Meanwhile, investigations conducted by the Ghanaian Times revealed that pupils were charged GH¢ 1.5 as early morning classes fees in addition to GH¢1.00 payment for motivation for teachers every day.
It also came to light during investigations that those pupils who absented themselves from school were still charged the early morning fees.
However, teachers who were absent benefited from the fees collected from the pupils.
A concerned teacher (name withheld) told the Ghanaian Times that part of the monies was taken to the GES directorate for sharing at the end of every term.
The Ghanaian Times also gathered that about 300 creche and kindergarten pupils at the pre-school were charged 40 Gp a day as extension fees to the teachers.
The teachers, investigations revealed closed from school at 12:30 but checks at the GES indicated 2:30 as the time for closing and departure from school.

Source: Ghanaian Times

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