Golden Dragon Casino staff accuse manager of racism

Some workers of the Golden Dragon Casino in Tema Community Nine have called for the immediate repatriation of their Irish general manager who they describe as ’ a racist and a slave driver”.
The workers, who thronged the offices of the Ghana News Agency in Tema, said Madam Michelle McNamara openly describes Ghanaians and black people as “lazy, stupid and worthless.”
According to them, she had on several occasions called workers “things, dolls, monkeys and dogs”.
“At first we thought she was on drugs so we ignored her racist remarks until one day when she said her sh*** was better than our food. Another serious statement she made was that’ when will the paint on your skin peel off.”
The workers, who spoke under the plea of anonymity until their lawyers had sued the company, said the manager had made it a policy to station all security staff in the open, to be at the mercy of the weather both at her residence and at the Casino.
“Workers have no right to walk away from a customer who is smoking and exhaling into their face. When one worker complained, she said she had never heard or seen a monkey cough.”
When the Ghana News Agency visited the Casino for her side of the story, she rudely declined the offer.
A muscular and huge security man at the roofless gate of the casino shivered at her yell even from a distance as she sipped her drink in the cologne filled air conditioned room whilst the poor man braved mosquitoes and the foul odour from a nearby drain.

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