Four people have been shot at YouTube HQ in Silicon Valley

Four people have suffered gunshot wounds following a shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., according to authorities. One of those people is believed by police to be the suspect, who has been killed.

San Bruno police chief Ed Barberini said at a news conference that officers encountered three victims who are “being treated for injuries that are treatable.” Two of the victims had fled into a nearby business, the police later said.

The suspected shooter, a female, suffered a fatal wound that Barberini said “may have been self-inflicted.”

Barberini said police arrived to the scene after 911 calls shortly after 12:45 pm PT and then “immediately began a search for a possible shooter or suspect.” He described the scene on arrival as “chaotic” and said that the building was eventually evacuated.

Stanford University Medical Center spokesperson Lisa Kim told Recode that they are expecting four to five patients to arrive shortly but that she did not have any news on their conditions. Update: Kim now says her information was incorrect and that no patients were treated at her hospital.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he was briefed on the shooting.

In a note to staff obtained by Recode, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote: “Pls stay secure as police clear building and pls follow police instructions to safety. We have full team here to get you to safety.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told his employees: “I know you are in shock right now” and called the incident an “unimaginable tragedy.”


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