OPINION: The politics of supporting political parties blindly in Ghana

It is interesting to observe that over the years, our politicians and their political parties take a stance that mostly fit into their scheme of things and not that of the citizenry or the country. It is out of place to ask whether they take these positions because they know that it will be in the best interest of all and sundry or it is their attempt to fool the masses?
Most of the time, when one considers the issue at stake, it becomes clear that whoever is opposing or supporting it largely has to do with the political divide he/she is from. What is funny is that it is easy to find one party disagreeing with something they supported while in power or opposition.
In all these, the politicians find a way of getting their supporters to be on their side (even when they are doing the merry go round; doing something they would have opposed to if they had been on the other side).
My question to some supporters of these parties who virtually agree to almost everything that their parties support without doing an independent assessment of the case by trying to understand the real issues before taking an objective side. Do you think God will not ask you someday?
Why do we fail to think and assess issues thoroughly before taking sides? In some cases, the ordinary citizens who do not have benefits from politicians whether through their works or directly engaging them, just support party positions irrespective of what its effects may be in the long term.
Now let’s look at this, which of these do you think politicians will choose; ensuring national development or winning elections?
Ideally, ensuring national development whether the long or short term should be the focus but what do we see? The populist plan and propaganda have become the agenda. Politicians will do whatever it takes to win an election or remain in power.
The media also can do a lot of good when we change our style. When the right people (experts and professionals) are called to react to issues, it could help educate the ordinary citizens. It should not always be a case where people belonging to political parties are called to espouse the positions of their parties. If they are promoting the interest of their parties, who is promoting Ghana’s interest?
It is sad that some people have predetermined mindsets or prejudices and will not easily change their mindset or be objective about bout issues to have positions. It is a shame! It becomes more shameful when “intellectuals “or “experts” who are supposed to educate the public on specific issues tend to be biased in their analysis just because they are affiliated to a political party or are sympathetic towards a party’s course. Why will a professor, doctor or a respected personality who is supposed to articulate his/her expert views do this?
Instead of us to do the right things, the best reaction is to do political equalization. How can we put NPP and NDC on their toes if getting a third or fourth force is becoming difficult?
Let’s look at issues objectively and stop tagging others who tend to be objective.
Source: myjoyonline.com

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